Titans – Ableton Live 10 Techno Project Template


Learn how to make amazing dark techno with this amazing template



Titans is a royalty free Ableton Live 10 techno project template.This project utilises MaxforLive convolution reverb, layered toms and the operator device to create a solid bass element which works in cohesion with kick layering techniques to form a powerful low-end which serves as a foundation for the rest of the track.Various instruments and audio FX racks are used to create tension and releases throughout the templates arrangement using wavetable synthesised organs and strings.

Product Specs

  • This template contains:
  • • 19 Audio tracks
  • • 21 Midi tracks
  • • 9 Group tracks
  • • 2 Return tracks
  • Ableton Live 10 Suite & MaxForLive are required to use this template (MaxForLive comes bundled with Ableton Live 10 Suite).


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