Download Logic Pro X Project Template: With the electronic music jam sessions you can learn how to make EDM, start producing electronic music fast by using the video along the Logic Pro... Description Logic Pro X - Are Your Experienced Templates Bundle!This templates bundle for Logic Pro X features Mikas latest work, techno, house, s and progressive template packaged in one sweet bundle,... Plugins Used ArtsAcoustic Reverb v1. FabFilter Timeless v2.23 LFO Tool... Description Mikas - Mediterranean - Logic Pro X Deep Progressive TemplateThis template is a professionally produced track including some vocal and complex arrangements, we are using only Logic Pro X plugins...
Being a producer for many years, I have built a bulletproof creative process that gets me to finish almost every track I work on. It is important to set limits and be aware that sometimes...
Learn techno music production techniques with this project. Learn how to layer ad program drums to create that crisp techno sound Download Project here: Plugins Used
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